The Mati and Eyes of the World


The EVIL EYE:  known as the MATI  in Greek, Ayin horeh in Hebrew, Ayin harsha in Arabic, Nazar in Turkey, Mal occhio in Italy and was known as oculus malus among the classical Romans...  


The evil eye is a look,  that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. The ancient evil eye belief is that a person can harm you, your children, your livestock, or your fruit trees, by looking at them with envy and by praising them.


It was a widely extended belief among many Mediterranean tribes and cultures: It started in Classical Greece and later passed to ancient Rome and then onward to other cultures as travel became more prevalent.


For centuries people in the Mediterranean basin have believed that some envious, covetous, or jealous people have the power to cause sickness and  bring disaster and bad luck... To protect themselves from the negative energies,  an evil eye amulet is worn or displayed, which is typically a shape of an eye in a blue color;  though now other cultures have translated their own meaning and the EYE is now often seen in different colors, such as Red in Mexico and China.. the eye often worn or hung in the home for protection from  the bad jealousies/energies  of those that give you “the eye”  - bringing  protection, luck and success.


We, at EYES OF THE WORLD share with you our vision of beautiful artistry and craftsmanship from artisans across the globe as well as many across the state of New Jersey and beyond.  And we wish you and yours protection, good luck, success and happiness! 



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